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Division I undertake sea air cargo, warehousing, transportation, customs and other business entities, to design the most professional and efficient logistics attack, combined with the developed global agent network, to meet customer demand for logistics integration.


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Japan\\'s three major shipping companies…
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With strong international agent network and professional sales team, provide LDP/DDP/DDU EXW/FOB export and import cargo transport services for customers, including pick up, double clearance, delivery to the door; you can also according to customer needs, customized logistics solutions!


With COSCO, CSCL, HANJIN, YML, EMC, APL, MSK, MSC and other shipping companies in the contract, in the provision of competitive import and export shipping costs at the same time, can enjoy the quality of maritime services.


Division I with Shanghai Airlines, EVA Airways, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, UPS, Fedex, DHL to maintain good relations of cooperation, can provide fast, convenient, cheap airline service; Chinese opened at the same time, direct North American inland points special offer airline service.


Developed domestic transport network, all over the country every day punctual departure, smooth the country; leasing various warehouses (including the customs warehouse), to provide intimate third-party logistics services.

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SEAIR SHIPPING INC Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seair Group, the parent company has been rooted in the global freight market for decades, is determined to open up the Greater China business, Suzhou subsidiary as its preferred mode should be shipped and Health. 

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SEAIR SHIPPING INC in Asia, many major cities in the United States to build operating centers and strongholds to support customers a variety of services.


Japan\\'s three major shipping companies…

Japan's three major shipping companies announced results for 2014, the largest

"Tuna 1" round bombing in the Libyan wat…

On Sunday, a cargo ship belonging to a Turkish company was attacked in the waters of Libya, killing one crew member ....
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